How can I delete work and messages?

You can delete any messages that you or your family members have sent in the Wizard School app. Deleted messages will also be deleted permanently from our servers.

  • Go into the Wizard School app and sign in with your email (bottom left)
  • Select your child
  • Go to the Friends tab at the bottom
  • Select a friend and find a message
  • Tap the message and hold down for several seconds
  • After releasing your finger, a delete confirmation dialog will come up
  • The message will be deleted from all message threads (if sent to multiple people) and our servers.
  • You can also delete any work (locally on the device) from your kid’s Gallery by going to the button in the upper right corner.
  • You cannot delete a message or video that you or someone from your family's account did not create or send. The only way to delete a message from an external account would be to contact that account owner, or to delete that friend from your friend list. 

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