Why do I need to record a parental permission video?

When setting up a Wizard School Family Account, we ask the parent or guardian to record a video to give their child permission if they are under 13. This is a requirement by US Law to comply with COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) before the child can access any sharing features (even to share with their own parent). According to COPPA, other acceptable methods of verification are collecting a driver’s license, credit card, or social security number; we are using a video recording, which is less intrusive for the parent.

Our trained staff will review the video and verify that an adult has done this before any sharing features are enabled. If parental permission is not obtained, we will delete the video completely, and not allow any sharing features.

This is an important safety feature of Wizard School, and here is more detail on how Wizard School is designed to be safe for families.

To record a parental permission video, go into the Wizard School app which will prompt you for a recording.

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